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Mountain Rose signs with Bent River Records

November 16th, 2022

Colorado is going to do Colorado in Louisiana!

Bent River Records is excited to announce the signing of Boulder-based band Mountain Rose to the Bent family. Label boss JoeBaby Michaels exclaims on signing Mountain Rose to Bent River Records, "I went to see Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters at Cervantes in Denver on May 18th with Mountain Rose opening the show. Mountain Rose sold twice as many tickets as Billy Bob Thornton did. The live performance was phenomenally energetic, and the band was on fire! I knew I wanted to sign Mountain Rose to the label that night!".

Mountain Rose was formed in 2018 by Boulder locals Samantha Nimerov and Thomas Holum, who met through mutual friends and discovered they shared a love of playing music and songwriting. Samantha recalls, "Before the full band got together, Thom and I were getting together casually to learn some cover songs in hopes of playing small gigs at coffee shops and restaurants. When we decided to involve original music, we both had a backlog of songs that we had each written independently. We brought those to the table initially, but it was soon that we started writing songs together. The duo's collaboration is integral to their sound and songwriting. Samantha explains, "Our songwriting process is highly collaborative and has multiple facets. There are times we come to each other with finished lyrics and are looking for input on composition and flow; there are times when we have a hook or idea in mind that we then flesh out fully together, and there are also times when we create something in the moment that is totally brand new to both of us. I love that so many of our songs have different stories in how they were written and that we have so much creative freedom within these different processes".

Once Thomas and Samantha started playing out with additional musicians, the buzz of the live shows brought new band members and fans. The fall of 2019 saw Mountain Rose come together. That included the lineup of Samantha Nimerov (lead vocals), Thomas Holum (lead vocals and guitar), Justin "Jud" Nair (bass), Byran LeFever (drums), and Derek Miles (guitar). The band released The EP in 2020, with Samantha and Thomas each writing a song while the whole band wrote the remaining tracks. A potentially pinnacle moment for Mountain Rose was an untimely opening slot for the LA band Orgone at the Fox Theater in Boulder in 2020, which was scheduled prior to the pandemic. The band pre-sold loads of tickets, and their first gig with the entire ensemble was highly anticipated. Due to the pandemic, the show - of course - was canceled. Thomas reveals, "We were such a new, fledgling project - It was especially impactful because we felt that being offered this gig meant that maybe we were a little further along in the process than we thought. That, unknown to us, we had been noticed by those we looked up to and respected in the industry, and they believed in us - it just reinforced in our minds that we were on to something. That made meeting and staying focused throughout the shutdown a lot easier. We felt like if it were working before, it would work after. And having all that time to hone the craft, bond as friends, and spend time in a room together without the stress of upcoming shows was really a blessing in disguise".

The band's signing to Bent River Records inspires and affirms the path they have taken to get to the point they are now. Thomas declares, "As for signing with Bent, it feels very new, a lot of that 'blank slate' idea being able to get involved so early after Bent's inception. The industry is ever-evolving, and it seems like Joe really has his finger on the pulse – we can't wait to work together".

You can check out the dynamic Mountain Rose live in action at The Lodge at Woods Boss, opening up for Desmond Jones in Denver on 11/19 at 7:00 pm. And then opening for Cris Jacobs at Roots Music Project in Boulder on 12/3 at 7pm.

You can get Lodge tickets here.

You can get Roots Tickets here.

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